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We hope to answer some of the questions that come up most often. If there is something we have missed, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.


How can I become a member of WNSC?

We welcome applications for membership from anybody; we are not a discriminatory club and are an ideal starting point for those new to naturism. We employ a simple system of inviting you along for three trial visits. This gives you the opportunity to make sure the club is for you before joining, and allows us to satisfy ourselves with you. After three successful visits, membership is usually offered. Please contact our secretary for an invitation to our events.


Do I need to be a member to come to your events?

If you are a member of British Naturism (BN) or another naturist club, please come along and show your valid membership card for entry. If not, please go to the Contact Us page and 'Request an invite for trial visits'.

This all seems very bureaucratic... Why?

The management committee of Watford Naturist Swimming Club has been at the forefront of developing policies for the protection of our members, particularly children, and these policies have been presented at a national level to BN, NSPCC, and Police organisations.  Naturism has been in the spotlight over recent years due to the sexual offences review and we seek to offer the best protection at all times for our members and guests. We are sorry if this seems a little onerous at times, but we have the best intentions and all information provided is treated in the strictest confidence.

I'm a bit shy... Can I wear a swimming costume?

All of our events are totally nude and therefore swimming costumes are not allowed. The only exceptions are the pool staff employed by the facility, and in exceptional circumstances e.g. health reasons. For the same reason, spectators are not allowed either, unless they are prepared to undress. We do, however, hold fun evening's from time to time which are clothing optional. Watch out for dates on our Events page.

A group of us are coming to a future event and we wanted to take some photos. Is this ok?

The facilities that we use do not allow any photography on their premises, even for public sessions. Therefore, the answer is no.

This is my first time at a naturist event. Is there anything different I need to do?

In general, be yourself and treat the event as you would when going to a public swim session. An all-nude environment can be a daunting experience for the first time visitor and there are some simple rules of etiquette that should be followed. First of all, please bring a towel to sit on any public surface. Second, naturists value their own personal space - please respect this. Third, you are bound to be curious, but please avoid staring at particular body parts that are not normally seen. Fourth, as at public swim sessions, goggles are permitted, but their use for purposes other than protecting your eyes is frowned upon.

I am worried that I will become "excited" by the sight of all those naked people... (The erection question!)

There is no need to worry. This reaction is extremely rare (see below, naturism is nothing to do with sex) but our normal advice of jumping in the pool or taking a cold shower usually solves the problem quite quickly. Please note that in the unlikely event of this occurring, you are responsible for being discreet. We frown upon people who do not take appropriate action.


What is naturism?

Basically, naturism (or nudism as it is sometimes called) is the enjoyment of everyday activities, but without clothing. Good examples would be swimming, sunbathing, going to the beach, sports, and to the sauna. Naturists believe that the human body is not offensive and that many activities lend themselves to such a lifestyle. There are of course other activities that are not necessarily naturist friendly and in these cases, naturist wear clothing in the same way as everybody else - just as if it is cold, we also dress.


If you are naked, it must be about sex?

Not at all, this is a common misconception - but naturism is nothing to do with sex. Sexual activity at our events is forbidden in the same way as it would be at a public swim session. If you are looking for this type of activity, please look elsewhere.

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