BN GALA 2020

As a swimming club, we have become very active on both the national and international scene with members taking part in both the National BN swimming gala and also the INF International Swimming Gala. We have regularly won the Best Club trophy and our junior swimmers have won the best under 16 awards. Whilst we take our sport reasonably seriously, this is not a pre-requisite to joining. Most of our members come along just to ease the strain of the week with a gentle swim and a chat! For anybody interested in other naturist activities such as Volleyball, Petanque, and Miniten, these are available at local clubs listed in the Links section, as well as through BN, and our Sports Officer will be happy to provide more information.

Event details


(Venue and date to be confirmed)

Venue: Aylestone Leisure Centre - Knighton Lane East, Leicester

Swimmers of all standards are welcome - You must be able to swim 50 metres. Under 10's - 25 metres.

  • Events: 50m Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly and Freestyle.

  • Relays include: Club relay; Medley relay; Family relay and the Open Sprint race – male and female 14 plus.

Race registration is on the night of the event from 18.00 to 18:45 and the races will start from 19:00 hours.

Please buy your entry tickets in advance from the BN Events Website - your ticket includes a complimentary refreshments pack and a participation badge.

  • Pool is booked from 18:00. Arrive promptly for booking in.

  • All* races are 50m (2 lengths), Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle. (*the last race (only) is an Open 25m freestyle race. Under 10's are also 25m)

  • You can dive, jump or start from in the water. You don't need to be able to tumble turn.

  • All races have separate Womens/Mens (or Girls/Boys) categories.

  • There are 16 age categories ranging from Under 10's to Over 75's. These are mostly 5 year age bands (eg 45-49 years). Age is your age on the night.

  • There are also mixed gender Club Relays (freestyle and medley) plus a family breaststroke relay (3 persons, incl 1 or 2 U17's)

  • Club entries are strongly encouraged, travel together. A Club trophy based on a points system is presented. Everyone who completes their swim wins at least one point for their club, so everybody counts!

  • Medals (and trophies for some races). Presentations midway and at the end of the evening.

  • The BN Gala is the basis for selecting the team to represent BN (and the UK) at the 48th International Gala in Paris.

  • Under 18's do not need to be members, but must be accompanied by a responsible guardian who is a BN Member or BN Club Member.

Admission for Swimmers:

BN members (must produce BN Card)                     £ 10.00

BN Club members (must produce club card)           £ 13.00

U18 - Free to register - must be accompanied by a parent

The Swimming Gala is BN Member / BN Club Member event

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